How Teddi Mellencamp Finds 'Balance' in Her Meals After Previously Weighing 'Over 200 Lbs.'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tries to eat "as clean as possible" so she can be more "relaxed" when she goes out to eat with family and friends

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When Teddi Mellencamp is eating a simple grilled chicken breast or an egg white scramble, it’s all with a more delicious future in mind: eating fun, indulgent meals with her friends and family.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 38, tells PEOPLE that she sticks to “clean” meals at home so she can enjoy herself when she goes out.

“I try to eat as clean as possible during the day so when I do go out with friends or family, I can be more relaxed in my choices,” she says. “That creates a healthy balance for me.”

The 5’3″ Mellencamp had to learn that balance after years spend “yo-yoing” between different diets and hitting over 200 lbs. She’s now a health and fitness coach and previously said that she understands how to stop herself from letting her eating habits go off the rails.

One aspect of that is eating breakfast everyday.

“I never miss breakfast,” the mom to daughter Slate, 6, and son Cruz, 4, says. “It starts out my day. I journal and have breakfast super early before the kiddos even wake up.”

And Mellencamp tries to be active for an hour each day.

“I do it for mental reasons as much as physical reasons,” she says. “Some days I push myself hard, running long distance or intense spinning, and some days I take a walk or a yoga class. I listen to my body on what it wants and needs but I always make sure I take an hour for myself each day.”

Read on for a full look at what Mellencamp eats in a day, and pick up a copy of PEOPLE, on newsstands now, for more on the reality star.


4 glasses of water


2 scrambled egg whites

2 slices of organic turkey bacon

1 piece of Dave’s Killer Bread with 1 tbsp. almond butter and blueberries

Coffee with a splash of plain almond milk


3 slices of organic turkey breast with sliced cucumber

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½ cup edamame

Spicy tuna roll with soy paper, brown rice, avocado and jalapeños

Iced green tea with lemon




Chicken breast with arugula and tomato

Hot water with lemon

Total Calories:


The Verdict:

Mellencamp does a great job of getting protein into every meal, starting at breakfast with the eggs, turkey bacon and almond butter, says Atlanta-based dietitian Marisa Moore. “This protein and fiber packed meal will help her feel full throughout the morning,” Moore says. “The almond butter provides extra protein and healthy fats to round out the breakfast.” However, she recommends keeping the yolks in her egg scramble. “I encourage eating the whole egg to take advantage of nutrients in the yolk like vitamin D for bone health and immune function, choline for energy and more, and antioxidants like lutein.” Mellencamp adds even more lean proteins with her turkey snack and the tuna and edamame at lunch, and her chicken paillard dinner is a great way to end the day. “This is a well-balanced meal that will likely help her get through the evening feeling satisfied, yet it’s light enough that it won’t interfere with sleep,” Moore says.

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat around 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day, and men eat between 2,000 and 3,000 calories per day.

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