PHOTO: Tara Reid Defends Her Weight After Sharing Skinny Bikini Shot

"I'm just a small-boned girl," says the actress

Tara Reid. Photo: Courtesy Tara Reid

Tara Reid is responding to the critics who are calling her too thin.

The actress, 39, received negative comments after posting a photo of herself in a revealing bikini on Instagram over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The picture – captioned “Visiting my parents house in Palm Springs for thanksgiving before the turkey” – prompted commenters to call her “anorexic,” “sick,” and “#soskinny.”

But she doesn’t seem bothered by her haters.

“I’m just a small-boned girl,” she told TMZ on Monday. “I eat, I eat, I eat.”

Reid noted that people are weight-shamed no matter their size.

“Some people that eat too much, [and] you yell at them that they’re fat,” she said. “You want to get mad at me because I’m skinny? Great, get mad at me. I am what I am.”

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