Tamra Judge's husband, Eddie, was hospitalized as the reality star revealed it was it fourth heart procedure in four months

By Alexia Fernández
April 16, 2018 09:39 PM

Tamra Judge‘s husband, Eddie, is in the hospital as he undergoes his fourth heart procedure in four months.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, 50, shared a photo of her husband lying on a hospital bed on Monday with several wires on his bed that led to a patch over his heart.

“As I sit in the waiting room I need everyone to pray for @eddiejudge❤ another Cardio version 😫 4th heart procedure in 4 months and I want my healthy husband back. #powerofprayer🙏Thank you,” the TV reality star wrote in the caption.

The couple has not said the exact nature of Eddie’s condition. Tamra’s rep did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The mother of four has previously shared updates on her husband’s health on Instagram, frequently showing him in a hospital gown or lying in a hospital bed.

In early February, she shared a selfie with him from inside of a hospital room, with the caption, “It’s been a long day and glad it’s behind us. @eddiejudge Just walked his first loop in the hospital like a @spartanrace …kinda😬 #afib#cardioablation #sinusrhythm.”

She also posted a photo of Eddie during a fitness regime revealing he was getting his heart checked.

“Getting his ticker ❤ fixed ….please say a prayer for @eddiejudge. On the drive to hospital he said “ I just want to ride my bike again”. You’re almost there baby 💪🏼 Dr. Lee will get your heart back to normal in no time. #cardioablation#AFIB,” she wrote on Instagram.

In late March, Eddie shared his own photo of a hospital room with a large scanner with pillows.

“Please send me to the future! Not sure what this contraption does but it looks like I’m going for a ride! See you all on the other side! AROO!!!!” he wrote.

He was hospitalized again in December but kept his spirits up by joking with his nurses.

“This guy 🙈 @eddiejudge is about to have electrical cardioversion and he’s joking with the nurses. Love you babe ❤ #AFib #shockyourheart#yougotthis,” the RHOC star wrote.

Eddie wasn’t the only one who has been undergoing health issues. In early January, Tamra revealed she had a skin biopsy done on her breast when she showed off her bandages on Instagram.

“First my butt now my boob,” she captioned the photos, referencing how she had to have surgery in October after discovering melanoma on the left cheek of her bottom.

“Whole new meaning to T&A #skincheck #keeponkeepingon,” Tamra concluded the caption.