The Victoria's Secret Angel and her model boyfriend hit the gym together – and bench press each other!
Credit: Source Jasmine Tookes/Instagram

Can you say #CoupleGoals?

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes and her model boyfriend Tobias Sorensen regularly hit up the gym together. But they took their workouts to the next level Monday night when Sorensen hilariously started bench pressing Tookes.

“Bench Pressin’ with @thesorensen #CouplesWorkout,” Tookes captioned the video.

“Couples that workout together stay together,” Sorensen added.

We’ve seen plenty of new moms who workout with their babies for a little extra weight lifting, but using your significant other is a new one! And it wasn’t just an arm workout for Sorensen – Tookes needs intense ab strength to stay so perfectly rigid.

The day before, Sorensen spotted Tookes while she did back squats with an impressive 115-lb. barbell.

“Teamwork!” Tookes added.

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The couple even competed in a fun workout challenge for Vogue in March to see who’s the fitter partner.

But the supermodel pair don’t just workout together – they also work together. Last July the gorgeous couple posed for Calvin Klein’s Eternity Now fragrance line.