Supermodel Helena Christensen Poses Topless for French Magazine, Says She Has 'Never Followed Any Diet'

"I love good food," the supermodel told Madame Figaro

Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage

It’s nearly impossible to believe that Helena Christensen is nearing the big 5-0.

The supermodel, 46, recently posed for a sexy photo spread for French magazine Madame Figaro, in which she shared her favorite fitness pastimes and diet-free philosophy about food.

“I’ve never really followed a regimen. I love good food,” the Danish fashion icon told the magazine. “On a shoot, the team is always a little concerned to see me eating so much!”

The clothing designer also credited her “good metabolism” with making it a bit easier to stay in shape.

“But sometimes, that’s not enough,” she added, saying she’s taken on multiple forms of exercise to maintain a healthy balance.

“I started playing sports quite late, when I was around 30 years old,” she said. “I started because I wanted to be more toned. It’s fascinating to see my muscles lengthen and to work certain parts of your body.”

Her fitness foe? Endurance training. “It would be impossible for me to run a marathon,” she explained, though she is a big fan of some forms of intense aerobic exercise, such as boxing and sprinting.

But if the hot mama does have to hit the ground running, she prefers that it’s outdoors with her loved ones, her 15-year-old son Mingus (his father is actor Norman Reedus, 46) and longtime love Paul Banks.

“When I’m off, I like to spend my time outdoors with my son and my partner. I also like spending weekends in the mountains in upstate New York to run in the fresh air,” she said.

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