Get a Sneak Peek at Sylvester Stallone and Gabrielle Reece's 'Revolutionary' Weight Loss Competition Show

"Their lives are going to be dramatically changed forever," says STRONG's executive producer Sylvester Stallone

Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

What do you get when you bring together 10 everyday women with 10 super-hot trainers?

Viewers will find out on NBC’s new weight loss competition show Strong, executive produced by Sylvester Stallone and hosted by Gabrielle Reece.

Strong is going to be, in my estimation, a revolutionary show because it’s going to take 20 people, put them together, and their lives are going to be dramatically changed forever,” Stallone, 69, says in a PEOPLE exclusive clip.

“Being strong can have a lot of interpretations nowadays. People say mentally strong, physically strong, spiritually strong, but this is everything.”

The contestants will get to choose the trainer they are partnered with to help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

“The overall concept is taking hardworking people that have real lives, children, jobs,” says Reece, 46. “Strong creates an opportunity for them to partner up with an unbelievably talented trainer. The trainer will help and support the trainee go on that journey of discovering their best self.”

In the first look clip, the trainers and trainees are put through rigorous tests of physical strength, including having to climb up daunting steel walls, win unconventional relay races, and cross rotating monkey bars. The challenges are met with lots of tears – but also shouts of triumph.

“People are going to become strong when they didn’t think they could be,” says Stallone. “People are not going to be as strong as they think they’re going to be.”

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The preview also gives a sneak peek at some of the amazing physical transformations the trainees undergo over the course of the season.

“The results are going to be incredibly dramatic,” continues Stallone. “They’ll actually see the evolution of the change of their body, right before their very eyes.”

Strong premieres April 13 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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