Stephen Colbert hilariously struggled through 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg's workout

By Julie Mazziotta
March 22, 2018 01:38 PM

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the “Notorious RGB” for a reason — not only is she an advocate for women and a force in court, but the 85-year-old also does an intense workout every single day.

Late-night host Stephen Colbert learned just how intense Ginsburg’s workouts are after taking a trip to Washington, D.C. to exercise with the Justice and her trainer, Bryant Johnson. Though he questions why she’s working out at all.

“If I had a lifetime appointment to a job that let me wear a robe, I would definitely let myself go. Because it’s just a black mumu. It would be nothing but fondue 24/7,” Colbert joked on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

But, given Ginsburg’s plan to stay on the Supreme Court for at least the next five years, Colbert said he understands why she stays in such great shape. After a brief interview where Ginsburg gave her reasoning for the eternal “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” question, the duo got to stretching and talked about their favorite workout tunes.

“Do you ever listen to music, to get all jacked up before working out?” Colbert asked Ginsburg.

“I mostly listen to opera recordings,” she replied, as Colbert starts blasting “Everybody Dance Now,” to Ginsburg’s dismay.

“I would never, ever exercise to that noise,” she said. “Let’s shut it off.”

Stephen Colbert and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Johnson then takes them through an extensive workout that includes walking on the treadmill, band pulls, planks with leg lifts, bench pulls and dumbbell raises and presses.

They also do pushups (Ginsburg famously does 20 a day), and the Justice does the full movement, while Colbert opts for ones on his knees.

“I’m cramping,” he said. “And I’m working out with an 85-year-old woman.”

Her workout prowess prompts Colbert to say, “Can I ask you a question, and I want you to give me an honest answer: Are you juicing?”

Unsurprisingly, that gets a “no” from Ginsburg.