TikTok's Stacey Pentland, Mom of 4, Dies at 37

Stacey Pentland documented her lymphoma on TikTok, where she had over 200,000 followers

stacey pentland
Photo: stacey pentland/tiktok

Stacey Pentland, a mom of four who shared her illness on TikTok, has died of cancer. She was 37.

Pentland documented her lymphoma on the popular video sharing app. She died Nov. 18, according to a post on her TikTok account.

"It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that our beautiful Stacey passed away this afternoon at 20 to 2," the post reads. "Can I ask you to respect the family's privacy at this difficult time."

The young mom, who lived in Newcastle, England, first joined TikTok in April 2020, where she began sharing videos documenting her illness.

stacey pentland
stacey pentland/tiktok

Pentland said in a May 2020 interview with UK news outlet Chronicle Live that she was diagnosed with cancer after she felt pain in her back while mowing her lawn.

"I had been cutting the grass and I thought I had a trapped nerve. When I got to the hospital they first thought it was my gallbladder. The pain was excruciating and they gave me tests and sent me for an MRI scan," she said. "Within 25 minutes of getting the scan they said I had cancer of the rectum that had spread throughout my body."

Pentland said that after seeing "one doctor after another," experts determined she had cancer in her rectum, stomach, liver, lungs and lymph nodes.

"My pain is being controlled but I'm still alive," she told Chronicle Live at the time, adding, "I have four beautiful children and an amazing family and as you can imagine, we are devastated."

At the time of her diagnosis, she told the outlet she "had no symptoms" and maintained "a healthy lifestyle," explaining, "in fact, I was the fittest I've ever been. I was so content with life but the devastation has ripped through all of us."

Pentland said she started her TikTok account to help others struggling with situations similar to her own. In her videos, she would share her treatments and document life with her family.

"I started it because I felt unbelievably alone when I was diagnosed and I didn't want anybody else to feel that way," she told Chronicle Live. "Now I've had thousands of messages of support, people saying, 'Because of you I went to the doctor, they found my cancer early.' "

Pentland is survived by her husband, Anthony, and her four children: Chloe, Sophie, Geordie and AJ.

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