'Spider-Man' Star Jacob Batalon Lost More Than 100 Lbs. with a Plant-Based Diet

The actor combined a plant-based diet and rigorous exercise schedule to lose weight according to Men’s Health

Jacob Batalon
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Jacob Batalon didn't need any spidey powers to lose more than 100 lbs.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home star, 25, lost the weight by eating a plant-based diet and starting an intense exercise routine.

"I decided to get into this sort of transformation, or this sort of journey, with my health and fitness at the end of 2019," he revealed to Men's Health. "Even when I wasn't doing anything physical, I found myself getting sleepy at work and it was because of all the fat food I was eating."

Jacob Batalon

Batalon — who plays wingman Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man franchise ­— found himself unable to walk upstairs without being out of breath and realized it was time for a change.

"This one day I kind of just saw myself without a shirt on and it was just ridiculous," he explained. "I could not believe I let myself get this far. That's what sort of started it all."

With the help of a trainer, the star began to hit the gym six days a week for about 90 minutes. Each session included an hour of lifting weightlifting and half hour of cardio throughout 2020.

Jacob Batalon
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In addition to exercise, Batalon also started eating a plant-based diet with the encouragement of his girlfriend Brooke Reyna.

"Recently, my girlfriend has actually gotten me into a plant-based diet, as well, and that's really helped my body and I can feel the difference between eating a lot of meat and eating plant-based stuff and that's really helped me, as well," he explained.

In 2020, Batalon posted a full-body mirror selfie on Instagram, in which showed his changing look. The actor revealed his slimmed down look in an unbuttoned brown jacket and dark jeans.

"Don't try to get at me..imma be vibin all day🦦🤙🏽😏🍍🔥cheee😝by the way, while I appreciate the concern, people can stop telling me to lose weight now🧏🏼‍♀️," the actor captioned the picture.

Batalon is appreciative of his health transformation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I found a lot of light in the dark in the sense that a lot of people were suffering and I was fortunate and lucky enough to have found my health and all those things," he shared.

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