Credit: Donato Sardella/Getty

When it comes to wellness and finding her confidence as a model in the plus-size industry, Sophie Tweed-Simmons has got it all figured out.

But the daughter of rock star Gene Simmons and model Shannon Tweed, who identifies as an “in-between” model, rather than plus-size, says it took her a while to find what type of diet and exercise worked for her.

“The gym used to be a punishment for what I ate,” she told New York Magazine. “That’s hard on your mental wellness, and people forget about the mental aspects of your health, but you can’t punish yourself for indulging.”

Because of mild food allergies, Tweed-Simmons, 23, cut out chocolate, dairy and yeast for years but is slowly reintroducing them back into her diet.

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“I know my allergies are things people in Hollywood probably avoid naturally,” she said. “But I was never into fad diets. I’ve always been like, ‘I love cake, let’s eat cake.’ Now it’s more in moderation.”

As for her workouts, the singer told the magazine she sticks to Pilates and the stair machine at her gym. She also shared her wellness advice for others.

“You have to live your life just for you,” she said. “A lot of people feel pressure from magazines or boyfriends, but if you like what you see then you need to tell everyone else you’re okay with how you are.”

“I can’t make myself thinner or prettier,” she continued, “but I can walk into the room with more confidence and personality.”