The weight-loss competition is totally revamped as former trainer Bob Harper takes over hosting duties

Credit: NBC

Craving new episodes of The Biggest Loser? You’re in luck, because we’ve got an exclusive clip of the upcoming 17th season to fulfill your “Temptation.”

“Temptation” is the new theme for the show, which also has a new gym and new host in former trainer Bob Harper, who takes over for Allison Sweeney.

They’re also bringing back the team vs. team competition format, with friends and family working together to drop the most pounds, and get past their own weight-related demons.

Those issues are on full display in this exclusive video, of father-daughter team Rob Kidney and Sarah Gilbert struggling through a workout with trainer Jen Widerstrom.

Gilbert, a make-up artist and mom from Perry, Georgia, says she’s always lacked self-confidence.

“My whole life I’ve compared myself to other people,” she explains. “It’s always been about, you know, ‘Sarah’s not as pretty as that person,’ or, ‘Sarah’s not as skinny as that person’ ”

“This fear is overshadowing her ability to even start this process,” Widerstrom says.

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Battling alongside Gilbert, 27, is Kidney, a small business owner, who says he’s starting to blame himself for his daughter’s low self-esteem.

“I’m beginning to see I didn’t just pass down an overeating problem, I passed down the feeling of worthlessness to my daughter.”

Luckily, Widerstrom is there to pull them both out of this funk, telling Kidney, 56, that for either of them to get healthier, “you have to let go of the shame you feel for allowing it to get that far.”

“You’re here with her now and that’s all that matters,” Widerstrom says. “This is when she needs you more than ever. Be the strength beside her”

And Widerstrom is ready to help Gilbert too, with a mantra to get her motivated.

“Say I have, the power to be worthy,” Widerstrom tells Gilbert. “I need you to believe in what you’re capable of. And that you’re worth it.”

See if Gilbert and Kidney can get healthy when The Biggest Loser: Temptation premieres on Monday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET.