Why This Man's Excess Skin Is Still Holding Him Back After Dropping 400 Lbs. and Overcoming Severe Alcohol Abuse

In this exclusive clip, Flemming says he felt suicidal when he weighed 625 lbs.


Brian Flemming triumphed over his deadly habits – alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, depression, and unhealthy eating – to lose almost 400 lbs., but with folds of excess skin, he still wasn’t happy.

“I’ve put it so much work to be fit, but the skin is still there, and it really frustrates me,” Flemming says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Skin Tight. “It holds me back and it controls my life. I need to have it removed and I can’t wait to get rid of it.”

Flemming, 33, is healthy now, but it was a long journey to get there. Six years ago, he developed severe depression, and would drink a fifth of vodka every night, chased down with a liter of soda and fast food.

“I had completely given up on my life,” he says. “I was suicidal at one point, and my weight just went out of control.”

“I went to the doctor and when I stepped on the scale it read 625 lbs. It was shocking, but that still wasn’t enough to turn my life around – I was too depressed.”

A chance encounter with a complete stranger on the internet was what brought Brian back to life.

“Randomly, one night on social media I was matched up with someone in London, England, her name was Jackie,” Flemming says. “When we started talking I was putting on a fa ade, I was afraid of showing her the real me.”

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But she soon discovered that Flemming was morbidly obese, and suffering from depression and alcoholism.

“She was telling me there’s people out there fighting for their lives, and here’s me, drinking my life away, eating my life away doing nothing,” he says. “And that night, I quit drinking cold turkey.”

In just three months of cutting out alcohol and eating healthier, Flemming was down almost 100 lbs., and after 19 months, he hit his current weight. While that should have made him happier, his excess skin is holding Flemming back from reaching his dreams of completing an IronMan and becoming a trainer.

“Currently I weigh around 246 lbs., but I would love to be able to look in the mirror and be able to look at someone who doesn’t have excess skin from a decade of drinking and abusing their body.”

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