Cailey Darling says their comments will never stop her from loving her body

Credit: Source: Cailey Darling/Instagram

Cailey Darling isn’t letting the body shamers bring her down.

The size-28 fashion blogger and self-proclaimed “fat girl” posted a photo on Instagram May 18 in her new bathing suit from Gabi Fresh’s swimsuitsforall line that showed off her curves. But the comments quickly turned negative, with followers calling Darling “disgusting” and “unhealthy.”

The 27-year-old refused to let their words dim her positive body image, though, and responded to the "trolls" in two more Instagram posts.

“lumps on lumps on lumps. I hope seeing someone fat and happy and still standing after hundreds of hateful comments and messages can help someone in their own journey to loving themselves and shedding other people’s opinions of them,” Darling wrote.

“Trolls can go ahead and see I’ve posted myself in this suit three times before and your hatred for my body or my health for whatever reason will not keep me from posting, wearing the suit, eating, or living my life unapologetically so your comment does nothing but waste your time.”

Darling says that she too used to criticize her body, but becoming less judgmental of others helped her learn to love her shape.

“Once I started actively trying not to judge others based on appearances, I slowly started to see beauty in the people around me,” she said. “Soon enough, I could look at a body like mine and see beauty where society told me I wouldn’t find it. It took a long time to apply those concepts to my own body. It started with letting go of judgement of others.”

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Her main concern is stopping her followers from attacking each other in the comments, including those who responded in her defense.

“To put it plainly, I do not condone any body shaming at all, ever, even if it is to defend me,” Darling said. “If you shame someone’s appearance in response to them shaming mine, then you’re not on my side.”

“I am here to change minds about bodies, not to shame any other types of bodies.”