Sinead O'Connor Sports Dark Look in Ireland

Photo: Mark Doyle/Splash News Online

Nothing compares to … who?

Look closely – that’s none other than Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, performing as a backup singer at a summer music festival in Bray, Ireland, over the weekend.

O’Connor, 44, appeared onstage at the Bray Seaside Festival, where she was photographed supporting reggae artist Natty Wailer.

The singer wore a partially sheer black top, black blazer, black pants and a cross around her neck. She donned glasses and a short, choppy hairstyle – quite a departure from the signature shaved head she sported at the height of her popularity in the ’90s.

O’Connor is currently on tour in Europe. She released her latest album, Throw Down Your Arms, in 2005.

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