Sherri Shepherd Credits Wellness in Weight Loss Journey: 'Peace Makes the Weight Fall Off'

The talk show host said a balance of sleep, meditation and therapy have helped contribute to her weight loss

Sherri Shepherd is feeling better than ever.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, the talk show host, 54, revealed how a more balanced lifestyle has helped her lose 20 lbs. on her ongoing health journey.

Flaunting her trim figure in a curve-hugging blue, white and orange tie-dye dress matched with orange heels, Shepherd candidly explained why wellness has worked wonders for her mindset and helped her lose "even more" weight.

"Started this weight loss journey 8 mos ago, but making other changes in my life helped me lose even more lbs… " the comedian captioned her series of three snaps, in which she poses in front of her at-home studio. "Getting consistent sleep, meditation, finding a great therapist to help me unpack hurt… forgiving those who've done me harm… more acceptance… less religion & more relationship… discovering that God loves me no matter what (yeah I am freaky and I curse😂), more water, more walking… being thankful, finding my worth… saying no…"

Sherri Shepherd Instagram
Sherri Shepherd Instagram
Sherri Shepherd Instagram
Sherri Shepherd Instagram

"Had to say goodbye to some friends who weren't good for me. Peace makes the weight fall off," she continued. "What are you doing to find your peace?"

In an Instagram video that followed, Shepherd stripped down the glam and spoke from the heart following a tough boxing class.

"My arms feel like rubber, my legs feel like rubber, I want to cry, but I am determined to make it through this class, cause you gotta remember your 'why.' Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to lose weight?" she told followers, adding that her son 16-year-old son Jeffrey was her reason to keep pushing.

"That's my why, I gotta be here for him," she said.

Opening up to PEOPLE in April, the Emmy winner said she was determined to lose weight after "seeing so many people impacted, health-wise, during the pandemic."

"During COVID, I put on weight and realized I needed to get back to the basics again, which was a lifestyle change," she explained.

Sherri Shepherd
Sherri Shepherd/instagram

Shepherd said she "challenged myself to take risks and do things that scared me." That meant joining Healthy Wage and putting money on the line to make sure she reached her weight loss goal of 15 lbs., while upping her workouts and switching up her diet, going back on a keto diet and beginning intermittent fasting.

From there, the host managed to surpass her weight loss goal of 15 lbs., and is now 20 lbs. down since the start of the pandemic, and 35 lbs. down since she started working on losing weight.

"I realized I was able to make changes and be physically active to get my health in a better position," Shepherd said of the overall approach.

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