Dance Your Way Through a Workout with These Moves From Shaun T

Fitness expert Shaun T shares exercise dance moves for a workout that will keep you sweating

If you have to workout during the summer heat, why not have some fun while you sweat out those extra pounds? Fitness expert Shaun T has returned to PEOPLE Now to show us how.

When he’s not watching Big Brother or dropping life-affirming truth bombs, the celebrity fitness expert likes to cook up workouts that make sure you’re having fun while you’re getting fit.

This time around, he has three new dance moves guaranteed to get you moving and those calories burning. First is the Step Out: a classic jazzy back-and-forth maneuver. Next up is the Roll and Pop! Pretty self-explanatory, the Roll and Pop involves a smooth roll and a clean pop. Finally, you’ve gotta finesse your way through the Kick and Throw.

Put these three moves together and you’ll be able to put on a killer performance with anything blasting in the background.

Watch closely and as Shaun T says, “You better put some energy into it!”

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