Shannen Doherty revealed her breast cancer had returned after going into remission in 2017

Shannen Doherty is fighting her stage 4 cancer diagnosis with support from her loved ones.

On Sunday, the Beverly Hills 90210 star opened up about how several of her friends have been by her side to lead a healthy life amid her cancer battle.

“After a year of dealing with cancer coming back and other stresses, I’m back at it,” Doherty, 48, wrote. “Taking care of myself and embracing every day. It’s not always easy. I have days I’m depressed or just plain lazy. But I push thru with the help of friends.”

The actress credited her friend Anne Marie Kortright with being “relentless in getting me to hike and learning new ways to cook that feed my soul as well as my tummy but in a very healthy way.”

“She along with @cheforen @maliburadkitchen have made cooking healthy fun and sustainable,” Doherty said, adding that famous fitness trainer Kiara Stokes came in to “kick my butt yesterday.”

“It’s been a productive great week,” Doherty said. “I feel better. My skin is alive and so am I.”

Also in her Instagram post, Doherty included a selfie of herself with Stokes and Kortright, posting photos of some of the healthy meals she’s been having that Kortright recommendation.

In February, Doherty revealed her breast cancer had returned after going into remission in 2017.

“It’s going to come out in a matter of days or a week that I’m stage 4. So my cancer came back, and that’s why I’m here,” Doherty said on Good Morning America. “I don’t think I’ve processed it. It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways.”

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The Charmed star said in an interview with ABC’s Amy Robach the following day that she has stopped posting on social media as often because she doesn’t “want to be a bummer.”

“And yes, I want to positive, and yes, I want to be a beacon light for other people — or at least somebody that people can relate to and [with whom they can] have an honest conversation and talk about how hard it is,” Doherty said. “I do want to be raw and honest about it.”

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The actress previously thanked her fans on Instagram for the “love, prayers and support,” as well as to admit that she is “struggling.”

“It’s an odd time right now and I find my feet not completely underneath me,” she wrote. “To say I have stress is an understatement. To say that I’m struggling is mild.”

However, Doherty noted that she is searching for her “inner strength.”

“But… I believe that I will find my footing,” she said. “I’ll dig deep for the inner strength I need to face it all. I pray I do it all with dignity and grace. I have so much to say. So much to share. I will. For now… please know how much you all help lift me.”