Serena Williams competed in a Spartan race with her husband Alexis Ohanian and other friends in Southern California

By Julie Mazziotta
January 29, 2018 04:14 PM
Credit: Serena Williams/Instagram

Serena Williams is truly a well-rounded athlete.

Along with her 23 Grand Slam tennis titles and multiple Olympic medals, the champ can now say she’s a Spartan race finisher.

Williams, 36, shared photos from the Spartan SoCal Sprint race, which she tackled with her husband Alexis Ohanian and friends from her dance troupe, the Kryptonians.

“Competed in a Spartan race this weekend with SOME of my @kryptonian teammates,” she posted on Instagram.

Serena Williams and her Kryptonian teammates
| Credit: Serena Williams/Instagram

Williams included a few videos of the obstacles, including one showing her attempt to get over a giant hurdle.

“This first video was a five and a half foot jump,” she explained. “Half way through I knew there was no chance to get my legs over so I remembered my gymnastics classes from my youth!”

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Though she figured out the hurdle, Williams had a bit more trouble with a series of gymnastic rings.

“The rings lol, look, I tried! Hahahah,” she wrote.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian
| Credit: Serena Williams/Instagram

Williams, who gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Alexis Olympia, on Sept. 1, announced on Wednesday that she’s ready to get back to tennis, and will compete in her first tournament, the Fed Cup, starting on Feb. 10. She previously withdrew from the Australian Open, because, she said, “Although I am super close I’m not where I personally want to be.”