Serena Williams Gives Shout-Out to Her 'Haters' and Shows Off Bikini Instagram After Body-Shaming Controversy

The athlete posted a sexy selfie on Instagram during her beach trip to Sweden

Photo: Courtesy Serena Williams

Tennis all-star Serena Williams isn’t sweating the comments from her critics – that’s just a glow from the Swedish sunshine.

The Wimbledon victor, 33, shared pictures on Tuesday from her beachy trip overseas, sporting a cleavage-baring bikini top and Nike cap.

“Beach day in Sweden #SerenaSlam #renasarmy,” she captioned the photo.

And shortly before her sexy selfies, the athlete laughed along with the haters who have made comments about the size of her eyebrows by posting an Instagram video from a beauty appointment to show off her newly trimmed brows. (Although she prefers them au natural!)

“Lol finally getting them shaped! Hahahha #haters I love you!!! Hahah but I still like them all natural! But for now you win lol,” Williams captioned the snippet.

Williams has fallen victim to a slew of body-shaming comments in the wake of her Grand Slam tennis win. But the pro has #RenasArmy behind her all the way on social media.

“When you are the best you can wear your eyebrows shaved like the middle finger if you want,” one fan wrote beside the eyebrow clip, topping it with the hashtag “#winner.”

Another supporter posted, “Serena, you’re beautiful inside and out. What you do on the tennis court is God-given and you carry your gift with such class.”

Even J.K. Rowling came to Williams’ defense when an Internet troll insulted the champion’s figure on Twitter.

When a user Tweeted at the author saying, “Ironic then that main reason for her success is that she is built like a man,” Rowling responded, “Yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. You’re an idiot,” beside a photo of Williams in a hot red dress.

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The New York Times also came under fire when readers didn’t take kindly to a recent article seemingly criticizing Williams’ strong physique. (The article, titled “Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image with Ambition,” claims that other top female tennis players choose to avoid “bulking up” like Williams.)

On Saturday, Williams completed her second “Serena Slam” – the feat of winning four Grand Slam tournaments in a row. Her latest streak kicked off with the 2014 U.S. Open, followed by the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon this past weekend.

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