The actress said she was already relying on a friend as she started to experience her first MS flare

By Julie Mazziotta
November 08, 2019 04:52 PM

Looking back on the weeks before her diagnosis, Selma Blair can see the signs of her multiple sclerosis.

The actress, 47, shared a video on Friday that she took before she knew she had MS. Blair said she was already getting significant help from her friend Bonny Burke to get through the day.

“I didn’t know yet how much I would rely on my friend, Bonny. This was shot well over a year ago. She was already driving me most of the time as it was already exhausting and confusing in the MS flare I fought acknowledging,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Blair talks to the camera and struggles to remember what she wanted to say.

“You know what’s easy to keep track of? Two things. You know what’s hard to keep track of? 2,000 things,” she said, before pointing the camera towards Burke. “She’s going to simplify my life.”

Blair was diagnosed with MS in August 2018, and revealed her diagnosis publicly two months later. Her MS flare has limited her ability to walk, led to difficulty speaking and left her in intense pain. After months of unsuccessful treatments, she was encouraged to try a stem cell transplant and an “aggressive” course of chemotherapy, which she opted for this past summer.

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The Cruel Intentions star said in October that she’s still recovering, “but overall, it went pretty smoothly.”

“I haven’t talked about it much yet because I wanted to show everyone that the proof is in the pudding, but my pudding is still kind of scrambled. I don’t want to scare people away,” she said.

Selma Blair in October
| Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty

Blair thanked Burke in her Instagram post for holding her together over the last year and a half.

“She has kept track of the minutiae of my days. She has hugged me and asked whether I have eaten when I get low. She has loved me through the silliness and tears. And I love her,” Blair wrote.