Savannah Guthrie Says the Keto Diet Made Her 'Mind Sharp' But Left Her Body with 'Less Energy'

Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie said her keto diet "experiment" made her mind feel sharper — but she had less energy

Savannah Guthrie has some mixed feelings about the keto diet.

The Today co-anchor, 46, tried out the extremely popular, high-fat diet over the summer and experienced both negative and positive results.

“I liked it. I’m not really trying to lose weight or anything, but you know, you might overeat and feel like you want to lose two or three pounds, so I did it and I did like it. And I’m still kind of doing it,” Guthrie told Dr. Mehmet Oz during an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show.

The mom of two said she enjoyed getting to eat the fatty foods she used to stay away from.

“It’s a lot of meat and cheese. It’s a meat salad. It’s like salad and some grilled chicken, but you can get more fat, which is kind of fun,” she said. “So in some ways you have to deprive yourself — no carbs whatsoever and that’s really restrictive — but it’s opened up some things that I would never let myself eat a lot of, like cheese and bacon, so I like that.”

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

But Guthrie also said the eating plan left her feeling lethargic.

“I feel less energy in the sense that I don’t want to work out anymore,” she said. “I think I need those carbs to feel like I want to go on a run or do aerobics or do whatever I might do.”

On the bright side, Guthrie found she could remember more — which certainly helps when she’s cramming for the midterm election night.

Hoda [Kotb, her coanchor] says she thinks it’s making my mind sharper,” Guthrie said. “I was remembering things that — she’s like, ‘How do you even know that?’ I’d be like, ‘Oh that was on page 252 of that book.’ She’s like, ‘Where’s this coming from, this keto diet’s insane!’ So I do feel like it made me a little sharper.”

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Guthrie is certainly more enthusiastic about the keto diet than she was back in September, when she wasn’t seeing results.

“It’s not even doing anything,” she said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I haven’t lost anything! I haven’t lost a thing. But you know, I’ve eaten a lot of bacon and I’ve liked it.”

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