"He's pushing on my thigh, not that serious," the famously fit mom commented after commenters pointed out a strange bump on her upper thigh

Credit: Courtesy Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage hasn’t been shy about sharing photos of her ridiculously fit post-baby body on her Instagram page, but a pictures she posted on Monday had commenters wondering if the model was using Photoshop.

The picture shows Stage lounging in a revealing white bikini while holding her 2-month-old son, James Hunter. The 30-year-old appears to have a bump on her upper-left thigh, leading some of her followers to believe the photo had been altered.

“I so supported your page thinking you were a great motivation for fitness…then I saw this Photoshopped picture!” commented Elizabeth Schneider. “Can we please stop worshipping women who Photoshop themselves and represent unrealistic standards?”

“Photoshop – what is that above your leg!!!” added user @anthipr.

Stage, however, shut down any questions or speculation her followers made based on her apparent thigh bump.

“He’s pushing on my thigh, not that serious,” she wrote.

Several commenters also came to Stage’s defense.

“I use Photoshop for a living, nothing in this picture is Photoshopped,” wrote user @leemarie1214. “Maybe a filter is used but nothing else. [ ] The baby’s toes are pulling at her skin giving it a different texture/color change. Stop hating on this woman please.”

“Sarah doesn’t need at all to Photoshop her photos!” wrote fellow model Katy Evans. “I’ve seen her in person at castings and she is just as fit and beautiful as she is in her photos! Jealousy and judgment are distasteful! Be nice!!! Sarah, you and your family are beautiful! Ignore the haters, I know you do!”

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This isn’t the first time Stage has had to defend herself from Instagram haters: She responded to body shamers who criticized her for her incredibly tiny baby bump with a photo from In-N-Out, and she recently invited those who disapprove of her breastfeeding photos to unfollow her.