Sarah Stage Is Trying to 'Stay Patient' Now That She's 9 Months Pregnant

Model Sarah Stage is "patient" while waiting to meet her new baby as she hits her ninth month of pregnancy

Photo: Sarah Stage/Instagram

Sarah Stage is trying to “enjoy the journey” as she waits for her second child to arrive.

The lingerie model shared a photo of her bikini body at 9 months pregnant.

“Stay patient and enjoy your journey! (one of my fav quotes at the moment) #9monthspregnant,” Stage, 33, wrote on Instagram.

The soon-to-be mom-of-two is focusing on staying in the moment and using each day to the fullest, which she emphasized in a video of her workout that she shared on Tuesday.

“As you know today is among the greatest gifts we have ever been given. Let’s use it wisely and refuse to waste a single one,” Stage posted. “#37weekspregnant and enjoying the last couple weeks of this pregnancy. It’s been quite the journey!”

Stage has kept up her workouts throughout her pregnancy — to the dismay of some critics — but she thinks they’re going to end soon.

“I’ve been asked how much longer I intend to workout and I think next week will be my last week (although I’ve already decreased my exercising to 2x a week & lowered intensity),” she explained.

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And now she has just a little over two weeks to wait until baby #2 is due on Oct. 22.

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