Ryan Sutter Is Focusing on 'Regaining' His Health: 'My Immune System Is Beat Down'

The Bachelorette winner says the last year of health problems has been an “all-out assault” on his body  

Now that Ryan Sutter finally has a clearer diagnosis for the health problems that brought him down over the last year, he's working on healing.

The Bachelorette winner and longtime firefighter, 46, revealed last week that he has Lyme disease that was worsened by high levels of mold in his body, along with other "co-infections": "yeast, heavy metals, EBV [Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mononucleosis] and COVID."

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Sutter reflected on his health problems.

"My immune system is beat down from having spent the better part of the past year systematically conducting an all-out assault on it," he wrote. "I'm a car in drive, yet when I step on the gas I'm sent speeding off in reverse."

The dad of two said that his illnesses have kept him from doing the outdoorsy activities that he typically enjoys.

"I have Lyme disease. What I don't have are very many good pictures depicting the adventurous life I've imagined and, for the most part, realized for myself," he said. "I'm short on pictures lately cause I'm short on adventure and short on the motivation to capture anything that might even loosely constitute it."

Ryan Sutter
Ryan Sutter. Presley Ann/Getty

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But Sutter, who rose to fame when wife Trista selected him on the first season of The Bachelorette in 2003, said that he can now see an end to his health problems.

"What I do have is an image. An image of victory, of health, of purpose and of joy," he said. "I am aware of my condition and acutely aware that I am not alone in my challenges — not even close. I'm focused on regaining my health, sharing in that process as appropriate and advocating for a better understanding of this disease and a MUCH better path towards diagnosis, treatment and healing."

Sutter, who had shared his diagnosis on his wife's podcast Better, Etc. last Tuesday, said that he's trying to heal holistically.

"I'm getting back to basics — coming at this part hippie and part cowboy, a little garden and a little gun, leather and lace, rock salt and pearls — you get the idea," he said. "I've already adjusted my diet (gluten, dairy and sugar free), added a boat load of supplements, wear a shungite bracelet, keep energy radiating rocks and crystals by my bed and have made a point of getting outside and moving. I think it's working? I know it will work. It has to."

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