Ryan Phillippe Goes Shirtless in the Snow — and Shows Off His Fit Physique

Actor Ryan Phillippe turns up the heat on a winter getaway

Who says you have to bundle up in the cold?

Ryan Phillippe, 43, posted a shirtless photo on Instagram of him standing in the falling snow. The Shooter actor, wearing a hat and shorts, braved the weather to show off his super-toned body and chiseled abs. “Movin snowflakes by the O-Z,” he captioned the shot.

Phillippe appears to have healed from what he called a ‘freak accident‘ over the summer, which resulted in a broken leg. After the injury, he posted multiple photos of his healing process, including shots of him with crutches and lifting weights in the gym.

Ryan Phillippe/Instagram

The actor has always been diligent about his fitness routine.

“I get a lot of balance and meditative peace out of being physical and exercise,” Phillippe has told PEOPLE. “I’ve had the same trainer for twenty years. Happy Hill is his name. I’ve worked out with him 4-5 times a week for the last twenty years.”

“If we work on taking care of ourselves in our 20s, 30s and 40s, and you’re consistent about that, it just makes the aging process a lot less brutal,” he adds. “It’s the absolute truth. I don’t care your body type or male or female. If you are moving and exercising and taking care of yourself, aging just won’t be as dramatic and it won’t be as unpleasant. We’re all going to have to go through it.”

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