'Orange Is the New Black' Star Ruby Rose in a Wheelchair After Undergoing Back Surgery

Ruby Rose has revealed she will be confirmed to a wheelchair as she recovers from back surgery – but she wants to let her fans know she'll "be fine"

Ruby Rose has revealed she will be confirmed to a wheelchair as she recovers from back surgery – but she wants to let her fans know she’ll “be fine.”

The actress and model, 31, shared a photo on Twitter Thursday of herself sitting in the wheelchair wearing a white T-shirt with the words “Strong Female Lead” and red plaid pants.

Rose said she went under the knife to try to address a long-standing health issue.

“So..For the past few years (decade) I’ve been dealing with a spine issue,” she wrote. “I am now recovering from a back procedure, but I do need to stay active, so before I get seen with my cane and wheel chair in public, I’d rather put it out there that I’m fine and going to be fine.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, the Orange Is the New Black star asked fans and friend Chrissy Teigen for good recommendations on TV shows, books and games that could keep her entertained while she was recovering.

“What I need to know now is when I’m not wheeling around LA like a 102 year old, what movies, shows, books and video games do you suggest… I’m buying a switch.. I’m looking at you @chrissyteigen what games should I get?”

Model Martha Hunt shared her well wishes on Twitter, writing, “Ouch.. Stay strong Ruby!!!”

Rose also shared that she was “blinging” her cane and walker as it was “the tan and nude colors” – and that bothers her.

“Well, I’m currently blinging my cane and walker up.. so they can be more snazzy. It’s not the Cane and my A frame that’s the problem, it’s the tan and nude colors.. all I need is a boombox and streamers and I’m good,” she wrote to a Twitter user who questioned why she felt 102-years-old.

Rose takes pride in her body and slammed body shamers in October after her Instagram followers said she looked “anorexic” at the CFDA/Vogue Fund Fashion Show.

“Body shaming S— ME. It’s so frustrating,” Rose wrote in a note posted to her Instagram story. “Not because I care what someone thinks of my body. I love my body when I don’t work out and I am soft and I love it when I train hard and feel strong.”

“I hate it because it worries fans or shames them. I hate it because it uses no logic and basically is just someone projecting their experience and expectations on others.”

Rose said she takes time and energy to take care of her body by leading a vegan and alcohol-free diet.

“I am plant based and stupidly healthy,” she said. “… So please take care of your body and your mind and your soul and stop judging others.”

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