Robin Roberts Tears Up Talking About Partner Amber Laign's Breast Cancer: 'Get Those Regular Exams'

The Good Morning America anchor said that she's "a puddle" whenever she thinks about her longtime partner's breast cancer, but said that Laign is "doing well"

Robin Roberts Rollout
Robin Roberts and Amber Laign. Photo: Robin Roberts Instagram

Robin Roberts' longtime partner Amber Laign is "doing well" with her breast cancer treatment, but just thinking about her illness turns the Good Morning America anchor in to "a puddle."

Roberts, 61, teared up while talking to Ellen DeGeneres about Laign's diagnosis on Monday's episode of Ellen.

"I haven't talked about it much, but with you, I will," Roberts said, as her voice wavered. "She's doing well, which is great."

The celebrated journalist had breast cancer herself in 2007, and then myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a rare blood and bone-marrow disease that required a bone marrow transplant in 2012. But her own health difficulties didn't prepare Roberts for seeing Laign, her partner since 2005, go through treatment.

"I went through it twice, barely shed a tear," she said. "I'm a puddle every time I think about what Amber is going through. But she is being so courageous and is handling it extremely well."

And because the two of them have now been on both sides of cancer — as a patient and as a loved one — they can help each other out, Roberts said.

"I'm able to kind of give her a roadmap because I've gone through it, but she's also given me a roadmap on how to be a caregiver," she said. "And I didn't realize how much I had blocked out during my journey, and it was because of sweet Amber — because she protected me and navigated for me. So, I'm doing the same thing for her."

Roberts had shared last week that Laign had to temporarily pause her breast cancer treatment, but that she's still doing well.

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"She's had some complications with the chemotherapy," Roberts told Entertainment Tonight. "They're working it out. We're gonna figure it out. The prognosis is still very good."

"There are peaks and valleys, and we went through a valley but it's more of a peak right now and I'm just very grateful for all the love and support that she's receiving," she continued.

And during her interview with DeGeneres, Roberts urged everyone to get their annual checkups.

"Like many people, [Laign] had put off going to the doctor during the pandemic, and then at the end of last year, she followed through with a regular breast exam and it was discovered, so the message is: get those regular exams, it can save your life," Roberts said. "And thankfully the prognosis is good for her."

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