The singer inks a tribute to Tupac on her knuckles – but some of her fans aren't happy about it

Credit: Courtesy Rihanna

Rihanna has always been fond of tattoos, and her new one sure sends a message.

Newly emblazoned across her knuckles is the phrase “Thug Life,” as seen in a photo the singer, 23, posted to Twitter. It’s apparently an homage to Tupac Shakur, who had the same phrase tattooed across his stomach.

And indeed, Rihanna has mentioned Tupac in a series of occasionally obscene Twitter posts over the past day – many of them in response to fans’ outrage that she would identify with thug culture.

In fact, Rihanna has been fond of the “Thug Life” phrase for some time. She wrote the words on her knuckles with a pink Sharpie last September, the Daily Mail reports.