The Real Housewives of Orange Country star gets candid about her new look.


Dodd decided that she wanted to reduce her 32GG breasts because, as she stated on the show, “they were way too big for [her] body” and a strain on her back.

Now, post-surgery, she’s thrilled with the results.

“I love them. They look great naked,” Dodd, 42, tells PEOPLE. “They’re up and they’re perky. However, I wanted them a little bit smaller. I’ve always had big boobs since I was a kid. I wanted them a little bit smaller than they are now, but they look great naked.”

But, she admits, she moved around a little too much during the healing process.

“I can’t sit still. I have, like, major ADD, and I can’t like, sit still. It drives me insane. I was walking the dogs, cooking, lifting things,” she says. “My sutures opened up. That was all my fault because my dogs, like, pulled me.”

Dodd, also was candid about another big life change. The mom of 10-year-old Jolie announced in September that she and her husband Michael are divorcing. And recently, the couple reportedly sold their Orange County home for $5 million.

Of the move she says, “I built the house myself. The whole house was my design. I built it from scratch. I tore it down. It was super personal.” However, she says she’s staying “positive” about it. “I’ll do it again, maybe something different. I’m glad I got the money out of it and somebody else can enjoy it.”