The Pitch Perfect star said in October that she's about 6 lbs. away from her goal weight

As she nears the end of her “year of health," Rebel Wilson is enjoying a relaxing trip to the beach with her sister — and the pair showed off matching swimsuits!

The Pitch Perfect star, 40, and her younger sister Annachi are currently vacationing in Mexico, and decided to wear identical, forest green swimsuits from Magicsuit Swimwear for a day of sunbathing.

“Hola Mexico with @annachi.wilson,” Rebel captioned a photo of the two of them on Instagram.

Rebel shared more photos on her Instagram Story from the day, showing her going for a dip in the ocean, looking at Día de los Muertos decorations and riding a bike around their resort.

Rebel has spent the past year focusing on losing weight, with a goal of getting to 75 kg. — about 165 lbs. — by the end of 2020.

“I’ll be honest with you guys — with my 'Year of Health' mission I’m trying to get to 75kg’s and career wise am trying to get one of my movies into production before the end of the year!” she said in May. “Both of these things are requiring a daily effort and there’s constant setbacks — but I’m working hard x.”

rebel wilson
Rebel Wilson
| Credit: rebel wilson/instagram

“Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going x it will be worth it,” she added. “Try and give a little bit of effort each day...I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress...but good things are coming your way.”

And since then, Rebel has shared updates on her progress every few weeks. In early October, she revealed that she’s just 6 lbs. away from her goal weight after months of upping her workouts and changing her diet.

“This week was super busy but I got up super early 3 times (6am 😜) and went on a hike...even did a couple of 100m sprints to get the heart rate even higher (although my ‘sprint’ is probably someone else’s ‘slow jog’ 😝) but I felt proud of myself and now only 3kg’s away from my goal weight!” she wrote on Instagram Oct. 4.

rebel wilson
Rebel Wilson
| Credit: rebel wilson/instagram

A source previously told PEOPLE that Rebel is following the Mayr Method diet plan. The plan focuses on foods with a high alkaline content, like vegetables, fresh fish and sheep’s milk yogurt, and dieters are meant to chew slowly.

“It's an approach that eliminates food intolerances, reduces sugar, encourages eating whole foods slowly, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation,” they said. “I know she’s also been working on conquering her emotional eating patterns of behavior."

And Rebel’s new boyfriend, Jacob Busch, is helping her meet her goals.

“Jacob is also very health conscious and they've been motivating each other with their health journeys,” the source added.