Hair Colorist Known for Rainbow Locks Reveals the Truth Behind Her Social Media Selfies

The Kansas hairstylist posted two photos on Facebook to show that what you see on social media isn't always real

Photo: Ursula Goff/Instagram

Ursula Goff’s Instagrams are a dazzling collection of rainbow-bright hairstyles, perfectly glossy strands and gorgeous makeup trends.

But the hairstylist and colorist from Wellington, Kansas wanted followers to know that what she shares is often just a snapshot of a carefully curated image.

In fact, it’s just not real, which is why she posted an all-natural selfie alongside one of her glam shots December 8.

“I didn’t edit either one of these photos, but they were taken just a few days apart,” she explains on Facebook. “I think it’s important to note that lighting, angles, facial expression, and make-up make a huge difference in photography and presentation.”

“It’s relevant for y’all to know that this isn’t reality,” she told her followers.

Her Facebook post has received more than 27,000 likes and 15,000 shares.

“Social media can make it easy to feel like everyone else is awesome and perfect all the time, but that’s really never true. We should keep in mind that behind every pretty face or perfect lifestyle is a regular person, and that there’s really no point in comparing amongst ourselves because this is all cultivated.”

Goff is especially concerned about how these perfect-looking images might influence young girls.

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“I think about how badly I’d feel if I were a teen today, trying to cope with ever more perfect females all over the place.”

“In reality, nothing is perfect, life is messy, and people are flawed. So the best way to be happy with yourself is to cultivate YOURSELF, vs. cultivating an IMAGE, or comparing yourself to everyone else.”

Goff says she’s received almost entirely positive messages in response to her message, and posted a video thanking everyone for their support.

“I am so glad that that resonated with people,” she says. “It just seems sort of irresponsible for me to be in a position where a few people do seem to pay attention to me, and it seems irresponsible to not say something.”

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