Rage Against the Machine's Tim Commerford Reveals 'I Have Prostate Cancer'

"I've been dealing with some pretty serious s---," Tim Commerford said as he announced was diagnosed with prostate cancer

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 27: Tim Commerford of Wakrat performs during the "Make America Rage Again" tour at Barclays Center on August 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
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Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine is living with prostate cancer.

During an interview with Spin's Daniel Kohn that went live on Monday, the bass guitarist, 54, said, "I've been dealing with some pretty serious s---."

He continued, "Right before I was about to go on tour with Rage, I had my prostate removed, and I have prostate cancer."

The rocker's girlfriend and his two sons — Xavier, 20, and Quentin, 18 — have been by his side amid his health journey, per the outlet.

"I've been someone that's taken a lot of pride in being in shape and taking care of myself," Commerford told the magazine. "But it's something where either you're either lucky or not."

He confessed that he's struggled to stay positive.

"Prostate cancer is a very, very, very tough one because it's connected to your sexuality," Commerford said in part. "It's hard to disconnect from that and when you're forced into that situation, it's a brutal psychological journey. I've been trying to find support groups, and it's hard to find people and hard to talk about it."

He went on to say that he didn't plan on revealing his diagnosis, but changed his mind.

" ... Over the last 24 hours, I've been thinking about it more, and a weird thing happened," he explained. "I was with my girlfriend and we were watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on TV. Duran Duran was on and I was like, 'Ah, f---, I used to learn those songs when I was a kid. I saw them on stage and wondered, where's Andy Taylor and why do they have this other guy in here?! Then it was like, 'Andy Taylor is suffering from stage four prostate cancer and is unable to make it.' My life is sort of like that."

Commerford, who found out he was sick when he tried to get life insurance but was refused coverage, said that he's on the road to recovery.

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"I just got my six-month test, and it came back at zero. I was like, 'F--- yeah!' That's the best I can feel for the rest of my life. Every day I get closer to that test is like, 'F--- man, is this going to be the time when the number is going to go up and I'm going to the next thing, whatever that is?' I already went through some pain and s---. And I'm continuing to go through like, some crazy s---."

He went on to state that his bandmates were aware of his diagnosis as well, adding that he plans "to be the fittest motherf---er with cancer that's 54 that you've ever f---ing seen in your life."

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Commerford also revealed that he's been getting life-changing tips from Lance Armstrong, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996.

"I'm friends with Lance Armstrong, and he gave me some great advice that probably is going to extend my life," he said.

Rage Against the Machine was forced to cancel their tour in October after lead singer Zack de la Rocha tore his Achilles tendon and required surgery.

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