Property Brothers' Drew Scott Has Already Lost 27 Lbs. in 'DWTS' Training: 'I Feel Great'

Property Brothers star Drew Scott says he's already lost 27 lbs. during his Dancing with the Stars training

Drew Scott is dancing his body away!

The Property Brothers star revealed that he’s already lost 27 lbs. during his pre-show training for Dancing with the Stars.

“I haven’t been this trim in probably 15-20 years and I feel great,” Scott, 39, tells PEOPLE. “Who knew dancing was such an amazing workout!”

The realtor, who signed on to dance with Emma Slater for the show’s 25th season, says that he used his background in kinesiology and personal training to adjust his diet and workout.

“I have a strong understanding of how to adjust eating and workout habits to maximize health gains,” Scott says.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

While he typically is rushed for meals during Property Brothers filming, Scott says he’s making a point to eat better during DWTS.

“Our filming schedule is crazy busy, which means not always getting the chance to eat well and workout regularly,” he says. “However upon agreeing to do DWTS, I started cutting out any of the bad foods (pizza…I miss you!!), reduced the size of meals I was eating and started doing more regular weight training, cardio and yoga.”

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When the show premieres on Sept. 18, expect a slimmed-down Scott moving and grooving to “Our House” by Madness. And his twin brother Jonathan will be cheering him on from the sidelines.

“He’s very competitive, so he’ll do well. If anyone can whip him into shape, it will be Emma,” Jonathan previously told PEOPLE. “She just makes it fun and she knows how to win, so let’s go for two Mirror Balls in a row!”

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