Hawaii Preschoolers Given Pine-Sol Instead of Apple Juice During Snack Time

Hawaii preschoolers were given pine-sol instead of apple juice during snack time

Pine Sol

A teacher at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool in Honolulu, Hawaii was left mortified after it was revealed that her students were given Pine-Sol instead of apple juice during snack time.

The teacher, who has not been named, told local officials that on Nov. 27, the morning snacks were prepared by the classroom assistant in the kitchen, according to an inspection report by the Hawaii Sate Department of Health.

The assistant, who has also not been named, allegedly saw a container with “yellow/brown” liquid on a clean-up cart and poured it into cups.

When the assistant came back to the classroom from the kitchen with the dry crackers and “juice,” the teacher realized something wasn’t right.

“The classroom teacher smelled that it was not apple juice and stopped the students from drinking it,” the report states.

While Pine-sol and apple juice are similar in color, the report claims the liquid the assistant poured was in “the original Pine-Sol container” and was properly labeled.

Kilohana United Methodist Church PreschoolCredit: Google Maps
Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool. Google Maps

The report also notes that there were no other “food items” on the cart and that all food items in the kitchen are properly stored in their designated cabinets.

Although the teacher did her best to stop the children from drinking the cleaning product, paramedics were still called to the scene to evaluate three girls, ages 4 and 5, who managed to take a few sips of the Pine-Sol, PEOPLE confirms.

Luckily, the paramedics found no signs of trauma or illness and the girls’ parents decided against taking the children to the hospital for further examination.

“We can confirm they were given a substance that was considered poisonous for human consumption,” Honolulu EMS spokesman Dustin Malama told PEOPLE. “When our paramedics evaluated the children, they seemed perfectly fine.”

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While it is not immediately clear if any charges will be filed against the assistant, Khon 2 reported they no longer works at the school.

Despite the assistant’s release, parents are still outraged over the switch up.

“I think it’s extremely terrifying. It’s very, very scary, but it’s hard for me or any of the people that I’ve spoken to to understand how it happened in the first place,” parent Turina Lovelin told the local newstation.

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