Over 58,000 Pregnancy Tests Recalled After Women Were Getting False Positive Results

Over 58,000 Clear & Simple pregnancy tests were recalled after women were getting false positive results

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Over 58,000 at-home pregnancy tests from the brand Clear & Simple were recalled after women were getting false positive results.

The manufacturer, Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, pulled back the tests from distribution in the U.K. because a "small number" of women were incorrectly told they were expecting.

U.K. health officials are advising people to check and see if their tests are from the faulty lot, number DM10220170710E.

"Patient safety is our highest priority," Dr. Duncan McPherson, the clinical director of medical devices at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, said in a press release. "We strongly encourage anyone to report any issues with this product."


They are also recommending that people look for alternate ways to test for pregnancy in the meantime.

In January, a survey from the U.K. parenting site ChannelMum.com found that 62 percent of British moms-to-be were taking additional pregnancy tests after getting a positive result, despite the high costs of the tests. The site dubbed the trend, "pregnancy test addiction."

The survey of 1,435 moms also found that 7 percent of women will go on to take ten pregnancy tests, and one in 20 women will take 16 or more to ensure that they are pregnant.

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Those women likely want reassurance, Dr. Thomas Molinaro of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey previously told PEOPLE.

"For many women, the journey to pregnancy is a long and emotional one," he says. "In most cases, there are few symptoms of pregnancy early on and testing can be a way to reassure a woman that they are still pregnant."

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