The Real Housewives of Atlanta star welcomed daughter Pilar Jhena on March 22

By Maria Pasquini
July 26, 2019 02:31 PM
Porscha Williams/ Instagram

Porsha Williams is focusing on the joys of new motherhood.

The 38-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who welcomed daughter Pilar Jhena on March 22, shared a powerful post on Thursday about how she’s embracing her new curves.

“Sooo I have def been taking my time when it comes to losing my baby weight!” she wrote on social media, alongside a clip of herself dancing around in the bathroom in a form-fitting dress.

“I’m big on enjoying every step of this experience and I didn’t want to cloud it with worrying about my size,” she explained. “I have thoroughly been enjoying motherhood and making Pj priority number one!”

Although Williams has been taking things slowly, she said that small dietary changes have already made a difference in the way she feels.

“Lately I’ve decided to start eating healthy and drinking a gang of water,” she wrote, sharing that she can ”actually can see some early changes in my body.”

“I still don’t think I’m ready to start working out so I’ll probably wait another month to get in gym so for now it’s just portion control and good food choices,” she added.

Williams said she doesn’t “believe in the snap back thing or put pressure on myself,” and these days she’s celebrating the way she feels — like a healthy, happy new mom.

“To all the new mommies out there love your new body no matter what stage you are in because you are a warrior and have accomplished a true miracle by creating new life !!” she continued, before giving her post-baby body some extra love: “Ps: Yes I still have a FUPA and I love it!!” she added.

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The reality star has long preached body positivity.

One month after welcoming her baby girl, Williams opened up to PEOPLE about how “proud” she is of her postpartum body.

“I’ve done the opposite of what people do when they get shamed online. They hide because you shame them,” Williams shared. “I actually post pictures with fitting clothes, still showing my postpartum body. I’m proud of it. I’m going to bounce back naturally, and I’m not going to stress myself.”

“I think for anyone who just gave birth and is trying to get used to her brand-new body, it’s difficult, right?” she told PEOPLE. “And you wouldn’t want anybody to add to how stressful [new parenthood is] and how you mentally think about yourself. You don’t want them to add to the stress of that.”