June 07, 2018 02:47 PM

A police officer in Bangalore, India saved the day by breastfeeding an abandoned baby to keep him alive.

Authorities in the city received a call on Friday about a newborn baby found in the rubble of a construction site, and brought him back to the police station, according to CNN.

The female officer, who gave just her first name, Archana, to CNN, decided to breastfeed him after seeing that the baby was barely moving and in need of nutrients.

“She fed the baby for half an hour, and then the baby let out a big cry. The body was shaking — hands and legs. Everybody got so happy,” Nagesh R., the police official who had found the baby, said.

Police Officer Archana and the Bab
Bengaluru City Police/Facebook

The baby has since been moved to a government child care center, and the police officers are checking up on him frequently. Nagesh R. brought the baby clothes and took him to the hospital for his medical check-up.

“I was so happy. We police officers work so hard, but the last two days in the station was something else. It felt like a baby was born in our home,” Nagesh R. said.

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