Meet the Plus-Size Woman Posting Lingerie Selfies Every Day

"I've reached the point already where I know that there is nothing wrong with my unique body," Courtney Mina tells PEOPLE

Photo: Courtesy Courtney Mina

As a plus-size woman, Courtney Mina has always been confident in her body – but she wanted to show people just how confident she could be by posting sexy lingerie selfies every day for a week.

“I wanted to not only explain and show how I gained my own confidence, but show people what actually happens when you’re a plus-size person being confident, sexy, and showing off your body,” Mina, 29, tells PEOPLE.

What happened during her Instagram challenge, which she documented for an article on Bustle, was overwhelmingly positive.

“I could count the number of negative comments on one hand,” she says. “Positive comments came in droves.”

The freelance writer and model who says she’s “always been fat” is hoping to help people understand that plus-size women can also be viewed as sexy – the same as other, smaller body types.

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“I’ve reached the point already where I know that there is nothing wrong with my unique body, and I have every right to celebrate it and love it as everyone else does,” she says. “I truly don’t understand why everyone tries to conform to look the same way all the time, it’s so boring.”

By putting herself out there, Mina is also getting a chance to set an example for other girls to embrace their bodies.

“If I can inspire anyone to feel more love for themselves,” she says, “there isn’t a better feeling in the world.”

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