Period Company Features Transgender Man in New Campaign: 'I Still Have the Pain of Periods'

Pink Parcel, a subscription box service that delivers tampons and more to people on their periods, featured a transgender model in its new campaign

As the new face of Pink Parcel, a subscription box-company that sends tampons and treats to people on their periods each month, transgender male model Kenny Jones is sharing his period story.

Before Jones, 23, transitioned from female to male, he would feel conflicted when his period came each month, especially the first time.

“I remember that my body didn’t understand what was going on,” Jones says in an interview on Pink Parcel’s website. “I didn’t want my period and there was a lot of confusion within myself. It did make me realize that periods weren’t something I wanted to happen to me and it motivated and pushed me to further my transition.”

Pink Parcel

At that time in his life, Jones felt distanced from his body.

“It caused a real disconnect and looking down or looking in the mirror and seeing the opposite gender to how I felt was a daily challenge,” he says. “Things like changing, taking showers and anything that would involve me being somewhat naked could make me uncomfortable.”

And even as he started to transition, Jones would still get his period occasionally, and says he sometimes still feels the PMS pain.

Pink Parcel

“I think this is a topic that is rarely discussed since so many transgender individuals will attempt to hide this point of their life,” he says. “I believe the biggest misconception is that it will be over in a flash — it stays with you forever. Even though I no longer bleed, I still have the pain of periods from time to time.”

Jones says that he was excited to join the U.K.-based Pink Parcel to help eliminate the stigma and embarrassment about periods.

Pink Parcel

“I always found the fact that no one seemed to openly talk about periods quite difficult and made me want to hide mine even more,” he says in a press release shared with PEOPLE. “That’s why I wanted to be involved in [Pink Parcel’s] I’M ON campaign. We need to encourage everyone to talk about periods, whether they experience them directly or not. Sparking conversation is the first step to normalizing periods within society.”

Along with their monthly boxes, Pink Parcel, which has expanded to the U.S., is now selling the I’M ON shirts Jones models for the campaign. Five British pounds from each sale will go to the charity Bloody Good Period, which donates menstrual products to refugees and those seeking asylum.

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