Spoiler alert: Khloé Kardashian is a badass

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Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, PEOPLE writer-reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7/10

In my never-ending journey to sculpt and tone my derriere, I found myself perusing Khloé Kardashian‘s Instagram and Snapchat accounts, on which the reality star regularly posts sneak peeks of her workout routine.

It’s the same behavior that led me to try out Kim Kardashian West’s INSANE workout — consisting of 1,000 jump ropes, running 4 miles, planks, push-ups and ab work — which I also found by low-key stalking the mom-of-two on Snapchat.

While Khloé hasn’t shared a step-by-step workout like her older sister, the youngest Kardashian sister has posted a slew of different exercises she takes on daily — ranging from weighted squat jumps to bear crawls.

Before I get into the hectic hour that was my Khloé-approved workout on New Year’s Day, I want to start off by saying that I didn’t exactly complete the routine in its original form. I admittedly tweaked the warm-up, mostly because I’m 25 and still can’t figure out how to properly use a jump rope.

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Okay! Here we go: it’s Sunday morning. New Year’s Day. I wake up with an extra pep in my step — normal for me, annoying for those who have to witness it while beginning to recover from a night of partying — slip into high-waisted leggings, a tank and sneakers, and head outside with a jump rope.

In an interview with Health magazine, Khloé revealed her trainer makes her jump rope for a full-body workout, prompting me to kick off 2017 the same way.

“I love jumping rope. I love to hate it. Don will say, ‘In five minutes, you need to do 800 jumps.’ I was like, ‘That’s easy,’ but no, it’s the hardest,” she said. “I’m drenched, and I can’t breathe, and my arms hurt, but for me it’s a full-body workout. Running is my least favorite thing.”

I was up for a challenge … but quickly gave up after only 14 successful jumps and one whip to my cheek. I don’t know what was up with me but I’m blaming the piña coladas and champagne I had the night before for my lack of coordination.

Instead, I enlisted my sister to run with me, choosing a 2.5-mile run over a five-minute jump rope sesh. The run/walk went well and was admittedly more fun considering our surroundings were changing every few seconds.

Afterward, we set a one-minute timer for squat jumps, which we both attempted in our living room. I started out strong the first 30-ish seconds before slowing down and finishing up with less-than-stellar squats (forgive me, Koko!), while my sister was “not about that life” and became my official time keeper/cheerleader.

Next were high jumps:

There seems to be a pattern with these high-intensity moves … you feel invincible for the first 20-30 seconds and then just want to abruptly stop and cuddle with a nearby pillow/blanket/plush frog.

Then came the leg raises and side planks:

Hands down, the best part of the workout. Mostly because it felt like I was stretching my legs rather than solely targeting my hip flexors and thighs.

I woke up with a sore butt and legs a.k.a. the true indication of a killer workout. I will leave you with this (pretty obvious) lesson learned: not only is Khloé my favorite Kardashian, but her super-toned booty is what fitness dreams are made of.