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Dr. Michael K. Obeng
Photo: Courtesy Dr. Obeng
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Dr. Michael K. Obeng

Dr. Michael K. Obeng
Courtesy Dr. Obeng

Obeng was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, and left at age 20 for the United States. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from Mid-Western State University, went to medical school at the University of Texas and attended Harvard for a fellowship in neuromicrovascular surgery.

After serving as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio, he moved to Los Angeles because he "wanted a bigger stage for my nonprofit," R.E.S.T.O.R.E. "I would like to do free plastic surgery all over the world to touch more hearts and restore more souls."

His health philosophy: I do believe that health is wealth. If one is healthy, one can generate wealth. When it comes to plastic surgery, I treat patients the way I want to be treated. We treat our patients like family. Everybody is individualized, there is no one solution for all.

The last TV show he loved: Last year during the beginning of the pandemic, I binged watched a show called Money Heist on Netflix, and I cannot wait for it to come back.

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Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal

Elisabeth Rosenthal _Nina Subin (002)

The former emergency room physician is now the editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News, an independent non-profit news service focusing on health and health policy. Rosenthal previously spent 22 years as a reporter and senior writer at the New York Times. She is also the author of An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take it Back.

Her health philosophy:

Every patient should be his or her own advocate. Feel empowered to partner with your doctor, ask questions, and challenge treatments or bills that don't make sense. Exercise. Eat healthy. Don't worry too much about every ache and pain — the body has capacity for self-healing.

Her favorite midday snack:

Fruit or popcorn.

The last TV show she loved:

I have two: The Resident and The Crown — though I confess a soft spot for American Idol.

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Dr. Kevin Gilliland

Kevin Gilliland
Kevin Gilliland

The clinical psychologist and Executive Director of Innovation360, an outpatient treatment center focusing on mental health issues and substance abuse, has 20 years of research and counseling.

His health philosophy:

Think Broader. We think too narrow about our health, medicine or seeing a professional. Life is full of therapeutic things if we will only look – coffee with a friend that really knows you (and you know them), a walk in the mountains, a good night sleep, a healthy meal, or quiet time in a spiritual place.

His favorite midday snack:

An apple. Unless I can count coffee.

The last TV show he loved:

Honestly? Game of Thrones. It's a love story.

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Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

Courtesy of Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

The New York City-based Medical Director of Ingleton Dermatology is a national authority in general and cosmetic dermatology, skincare products and treatments. She is also a noted leader in treating ethnic skin, adult acne and in cosmetic laser surgery.

Her health philosophy:

"It is all about balance and consistency. The three main ingredients [to good health] are: healthy eating, exercising and practicing good skin care."

Her favorite midday snack:

"Sanaia applesauce: it uses granny smith apples native to Shenandoah Valley. It's infused with flavors of my youth: guava, sweet ginger, tamarind and hibiscus."

The last TV show she loved:

"The Good Wife (sadly it's off the air), Big Little Lies and This Is Us."

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Dr. Jennifer Haythe

Courtesy Jennifer Haythe

Dr. Haythe, a cardiologist at Columbia University Medical Center - New York Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, specializes in advanced heart failure, transplant, pulmonary hypertension and the care of pregnant women with heart disease. She is also the co-director of the Columbia Women's Heart Center.

Her health philosophy:

"I believe that health is multifaceted and defined differently for each individual. It's not just about your weight. It's emotional and mental health, physical health, and cognitive health. I want my patients to be active with good muscle mass, eating a healthy diet, happy and well rested, and feeling mentally sharp. And of course have their cardiac risk factors in check!"

Her favorite midday snack:

"Apples with some peanut butter to dip!"

The last TV show she loved:

"I think I watched both seasons of Stranger Things in about four days this summer. I was addicted — those kids are amazing, and Winona Ryder and the sets brought me back to my 80's youth.

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Dr. Travis Stork

health squadTravis Stork, Courtesy The Doctors
Courtesy The Doctors

Dr. Stork, an ER physician, author and the host of the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors, encourages people to take initiative when it comes to their health.

"I always tell people that what happens between visits to the doctor is the biggest factor in how long and how well you live," he says. "Partner with your doctor, but no one should know more about your health than you. I call it being the CEO of your own health — it's an important job!"

His health philosophy:

"The main ingredients to good health are simple addition and subtraction: more movement, less sitting; more fiber, less sugar; more quality sleep, less wasteful screen time."

His favorite midday snack:

"Mixed nuts. They taste great and are full of fiber and healthy fats to keep you satiated and act (ironically) as a great weight loss tool."

The last TV show he loved:

"Dark, a German sci-fi thriller on Netflix. It's creepy and complicated and excellent. This may be an unpopular thing to say but I think it's even better than Stranger Things."

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Gunnar Peterson

health squadCourtesy Gunnar Peterson
Gunnar Peterson. Courtesy Gunnar Peterson

The Beverly Hills-based personal trainer, who is also the Los Angeles Lakers' director of strength and endurance, has worked with everyone from the Kardashians to Lonzo Ball.

His health philosophy:

"Don't show up late. Don't try to slide out early. Don't cheat your rep counts. And definitely, don't hold back. Leave it all in the gym!"

His favorite midday snack:

"Justin's Almond Butter Packets."

The last TV show he loved:

"Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian." [Peterson is one of the trainers, after all!]

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Dr. Elizabeth Murray

health squadElizabeth Murray, Credit to John Schila
John Schila

Dr. Murray is a pediatrician specializing in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Child Health Advocacy, and a mom to two little girls. Follow her @DocEMurray on Twitter!

Her health philosophy:

"I'm not the first to say it, but it's true: Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Get through the day, but don't judge yourself by that one day. Healthy parents help make healthy kids."

Her favorite midday snack:

"With two young children at home, I am surrounded by Goldfish crackers at all times, so basically I have no choice. At least they come in a variety of flavors."

The last TV show she loved:

"My favorite: Schitt's Creek. My daughters' favorite: Doc McStuffins. No question, she is a game changer."

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Dawn Jackson Blatner

Dawn Jackson Blatner

Blatner, a registered dietitian, nutritionist and certified specialist in sports dietetics, is also an author, a local TV show host, the Chicago Cubs' staff nutritionist and a contributor to many of PEOPLE's What I Eat in a Day articles.

Her health philosophy:

"Eat what you crave, but just make it with better-for-you ingredients. You've got to enjoy what you're doing and keep things simple in order to stick with it."

Her favorite midday snack:

"Green apple with raw nuts or a slice of cheese, and sparkling water or hot lemon water."

The last TV show she loved:

"I love watching TV, it's my guilty pleasure. My faves include Bravo's Real Housewives and HBO's Big Little Lies."

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Erin Oprea

health squadCourtesy Erin Oprea
Zach Harrison Photography

Oprea, a Marine Corps veteran, is the personal trainer to some of the biggest names in music, including Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Kacey Musgraves and more.

Her health philosophy:

"Eat clean to get lean, and work out to stay strong. The world is your gym!"

Her favorite midday snack:

"Steel-cut oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon, six egg whites and raspberries and blueberries. It's my lunchbox staple!"

The last TV show she loved:

"SIX on the History Channel."

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Dr. Mary Jane Minkin

health squadCourtesy Mary Jane Minkin
Courtesy Mary Jane Minkin

The obstetrician gynecologist "takes care of women of all ages," and teaches obstetrics at Yale University. She also blogs about reproductive health at madameovary.com.

Her health philosophy:

"Good health is easy: Eat healthily, exercise as often as you can (both aerobically and doing strength training) and maintain an excellent sense of humor."

Her favorite midday snack:

"That's easy: ice cream! Excellent protein and calcium!"

The last TV show she loved:

"It was only two seasons long, but I loved The Knick. I love historical fiction, and The Knick is about as good as it gets."

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David Kirsch

health squadCredit: Courtesy David Kirsch
Courtesy David Kirsch

The New York City-based trainer, who works with Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and others, focuses on a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses exercise, nutrition and more.

His health philosophy:

"The main ingredients for optimal health come from a combination of balanced healthy eating and movement. One needs to wake up every day connecting mind and body, and be mindful of what we eat and how much we move on a daily basis. Last, but not least, I strongly believe in daily meditation."

His favorite midday snack:

"I love my David Kirsch Wellness Protein Plus Shakes. If that's not available, I will grab an RX Protein Bar."

The last TV show he loved:

"I am currently obsessed with the Winter Olympics, but when they are over, I'm excited to resume watching my friend Kerry Washington in Scandal. I also love black-ish."

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Dr. Robin Gurwitch

Robin Gurwitch

Gurwitch, a clinical psychologist and professor at Duke University Medical Center and the Center for Child and Family Health, trains others and conducts research on the impact of traumatic events and life stressors on children and families, how to build resilience, and how to strengthen family relationships.

Her health philosophy:

"First,knowing what scientifically-based factors canimpact good health from multiple areas (e.g., diet, exercise, mental health, behaviors, social support, work/school, genetics, spirituality). Second, learning positive (science-based) strategies to address these factors. And, equally important, identifying and reaching out for support from many different sources as we try our best to reach and maintain good health."

Her favorite midday snack:

"When does chocolate not apply? And, an apple with peanut butter."

The last TV show she loved:

"There are so many to choose from that my DVR stays very busy. For a laugh, Big Bang Theory. For a cry, This Is Us. And if you had sent this to me in a few weeks, it would be March Madness!"

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