Peloton Instructor Hopes to Empower Women with Her Fit Pregnancy: 'Focus on What You Can Do'

First-time mom Robin Arzón refuses to let her pregnancy start from "a place of lack and limitations"

Robin Arzon
Photo: Robin Arzon/Instagram

Peloton instructor Robin Arzón is clipping in for her wildest ride yet.

The athlete and fitness influencer — who recently shared during a live class that she is expecting her first baby with husband Drew Butler — talked to PEOPLE about her plan to stay active while pregnant and how she hopes to change the stigma that expecting mothers are limited when it comes to working out.

"My entire mission in going through this for the first time myself is to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can't," Arzón, 38, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"I feel like the conversation around pregnancy — especially an aspiring fit pregnancy — is, what are the modifications? What can I do, what can't I do? And I don't believe in starting from a place of lack and limitations," she says.

Instead, the ultra-marathoner wants to "focus on where [she] can be empowered."

As the first instructor to share her pregnancy so openly with the Peloton community, Arzón says she hopes to inspire other expectant mothers as she embarks on her own journey to parenthood.

"My mission is to remind folks, women, that they are the most majestic, baddest creatures on this planet," she explains. "No matter what birth you're contemplating, no matter how you feel physically, focus on what you can do and let's create areas of opportunity for that power."

A former lawyer who left her career to pursue her dream in the health and wellness field, Arzón, tells PEOPLE she will continue to share her pregnancy journey with Peloton and offer advice to other women trying to maintain a fit pregnancy.

"In the works are going to be some more educational things for our Peloton community," she says, adding that she is both pre- and post-natal certified as a trainer. "We're cooking up some things that we can offer to our pregnant members."

Arzón also shares her hopes for maintaining a healthy and fit pregnancy as someone diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

While a Type 1 pregnancy can be "complicated" and "high-risk," Arzón says she feels confident with the support of her medical team.

"I'm very thankful that I had confidence in going into this journey," she shares. "I know I'm made for this, and I made the decision early on to curate my scope of influence and create my medical team."

With so much information out there, Arzón says it's crucial to identify the right sources to trust.

"Trust [your medical team,] trust literature, and don't go down rabbit holes of really fear-based thinking," she recommends.

Arzón continues to be a source of inspiration for those in the fitness community, pushing people to see their full potential. Her motto — "You didn't wake up to be mediocre" — resonates with her followers.

As for her "pequeño" on the way, Arzón says she hopes to "honor the human, whoever they're going to be."

"I really just want to prove, and show, and demonstrate, and live by example to this human that I have the honor of ushering into the world, that superheroes are real," she shares. "I want to create a human that is willing to step into their power and speak their voice.”

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