Pamela Anderson is opening up about why she admires Julian Assange
Credit: From Left: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP; Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Pamela Anderson is revealing some insights into her relationship with Julian Assange — though she remains coy about whether or not her relationship with the WikiLeaks founder is romantic.

“Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this,” the Coco de Mer international brand ambassador, 49, tells PEOPLE. “I understand that our ‘affair’ and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation. That’s fine, but I’d rather not go into private details. Let’s just say everyone deserves love.”

While Anderson describes her relationship with Assange, 45, as “challenging,” she continues to spend time with him because she enjoys the deep conversations they have together.

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“We talk about the world,” she says. “He’s a very good teacher. Julian is one of my favorite people. He is a refugee. He might be the most famous refugee of our time— famous for being persecuted.”

“I’m very concerned about his well-being and safety,” Anderson adds.

“I’m very moody. I wouldn’t say I’m a happy person. I’m tormented and love sick always. It’s hard to find relief sometimes,” she says. “I’m trying to not feel lonely. But, I hurt a lot about so many things. I’m a romantic – it makes my stomach hurt.”

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The actress feels that Assange is misunderstood, and staunchly defends his character.

“He’s a good person who cares about the world,” she says. “He is a kind and deeply empathetic person. He is funny, sensitive, romantic, surprisingly resourceful. He’s a good man.”

Anderson was first spotted visiting Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last October, and has written about her numerous visits to him in several lengthy posts on her website.