Pamela Anderson wrote a lengthy Twitter thread on Thursday in which she spoke out against social media bullies

By Helen Murphy
May 17, 2019 11:18 AM

Ariel Winter has been vocal in defending herself from body shamers — and now another famous face is stepping up to support her.

Winter has already candidly explained exactly why her body has changed over the last year — her weight dropped after changing up her antidepressants — but she’s still dealing with body shamers who accuse her of getting plastic surgery.

On Thursday, Pamela Anderson wrote a lengthy Twitter thread in which she spoke out against “swift and damaging remarks” made by social media users and even blamed President Donald Trump for setting a “horrible example of self restraint.”

Anderson, 51, ended her long message by tweeting at Winter, writing, “Stay strong @arielwinter1” next to a kissing emoji.

“This social media world is a playground for shamers,” Anderson began. “It takes no thought or time to hurt people. People are ‘un-evolving’ and less and less mature to think about or consider their swift and damaging remarks.”

“The damage is done in a typed message in a private space – a bedroom, bathroom basement, desk or train – who knows? and it takes only seconds,” she added. “The bully on the playground is multiplied by thousands – There is little privacy – no parenting- no teaching in this area.”

Anderson then continued by saying that it’s “a waste of energy to engage” with social media trolls, even though we want to “defend ourselves.”

“Unfortunately when you are in public eye you are going to have people judge your every move… it’s quite a science to stay out of this,” she wrote.

Anderson concluded: “We all try to do the best we can. Beauty is on the inside. And the only thing that is not beautiful is to be caddy [sic], rude, jealous, knee jerk or bully someone. Stay strong @arielwinter1.” (Winter has yet to publicly respond to the message.)

Anderson’s tweets defending Winter come after the actress dressed up as Anderson for Halloween last fall.

Winter, 21, and her boyfriend Levi Meaden wore spot-on costumes that paid homage to the outfits the Anderson and her then-beau Kid Rock wore to the American Music Awards in 2002.

Winter wore a sparkly cropped halter top with a matching skirt with slits on the side, while Meaden wore a white top, jeans and an American flag belt. Showing just how seriously they took their getups, the couple both wore blonde wigs, and Meaden also donned a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

“Don’t worry, we’re also concerned by the accuracy,” Winter joked in the caption.

Ariel Winter/Instagram
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

On Monday, Winter told PEOPLE that it’s important to her that she defends herself against body shamers.

“If you don’t stand up for yourself, who’s going to stand up for you?” the Modern Family actress told PEOPLE exclusively at the Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE Upfronts party in New York. “Sometimes I stand up for myself a little too much but I’m doing it.”