Now 42.5 lbs. down with Weight Watchers, Oprah Winfrey's daily diet includes wine, bread and breakfast sandwiches
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After 17 months on Weight Watchers, Oprah is a master at working her daily points.

“I play those points like a game!” Winfrey, 62, tells PEOPLE.

The media mogul and Weight Watchers stakeholder carefully follows the healthy eating program, which assigns points to food based on calorie, sugar, saturated fat and protein totals. Winfrey eats around 30 points of food a day, a number determined by her height, weight, gender and age.

And she saves most of those 30 for dinner, so she can have her usual glass of wine.

“Listen, I have had 12 points of wine [three glasses] and one shrimp [plus vegetables] for dinner. That was a really good dinner,” she says, laughing.


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Check out the rest of Winfrey’s diet below, with recipes from her new cookbook, Food, Health and Happiness.

Hydration (0 points)

4-6 glasses of water a day

“I have to force myself to drink water,” she says. “I’m not as good as I should be. I never make it to eight glasses. I mostly do four to six.”

Breakfast (6-7 points)

“The Usual” Sandwich
| Credit: Tina Rupp/Food, Health, and Happiness

“The Usual” breakfast sandwich and chai tea

“This sandwich is called The Usual,” Winfrey says. “I do an egg, toast, because I love bread, and maybe an eighth of an avocado. Instead of coffee, chai tea.”

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Snack (3 points)

“I leave room for a hard pretzel, popcorn or potato chips. I can have 11 chips. Anything that goes crunch.”

Lunch (6-7 points)

Tomato soup
| Credit: Tina Rupp/Food, Health, and Happiness
Credit: Tina Rupp/Food, Health, and Happiness

Tomato soup and Tuscan kale-and-apple salad

“I love soup. I have it every day,” Winfrey says. “And salad with lots of zero-point greens and one teaspoon of oil.”

Dinner (13-15 points)

Credit: Tina Rupp/Food, Health, and Happiness

Miso-glazed cod with sesame green beans

“I usually have some kind of wine or cocktail,” she says. “I’ll do a fish, vegetables and a starch.”