Olivia Newton-John 'Doesn't Buy Into the Statistics' as She Faces Breast Cancer for Third Time

"I have much to live for. And I intend to keep on livin' it," said Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John isn’t letting the details of her prognosis get her down.

The Grease star, 71, spoke about her third bout with breast cancer in an emotional interview with Gayle King on CBS Sunday Morning, set to air Sunday.

The actress, who has tried to stay positive in the face of her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, told King she doesn’t like to dwell on the statistics of the disease.

“In my opinion, if they give you a percentage, or you know, ‘This many women get this and they live this long,’ you can create that and make it happen,” Newton-John explained.

“It’s almost like — I think I know what the statistics are. And if, and, but I put them away. But I’m gonna live longer than that. I’ve made that decision. And I don’t buy into the statistics ‘cause I think they can make you really nervous.”

This is the third time the actress is facing the disease. She was first diagnosed in 1992 and overcame it again in 2013. But in May 2017, she was told the cancer had metastasized and spread to her bones.

However, Newton-John’s spirits are still high.

“I’m happy. I’m lucky. I’m grateful. I have much to live for. And I intend to keep on livin’ it,” the actress told King.

Olivia Newton John

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And while she continues to be optimistic, Newton-John admitted that she still thinks about death occasionally.

“You have to think about it, I mean, it’s part of life,” she explained. “And, of course, if you have a cancer diagnosis — your death is kind of there. Whereas most people, we don’t have a clue when we’re gonna die.”

“And I could die tomorrow. A tree could fall on me. So, it’s just that we have that knowledge that we could die. But I’m not — I try not to think about it too much. But I try to meditate and be peaceful about it and know that everyone I love is there, so there’s something to look forward to.”

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