Women Dealing with Breast Cancer Walk at NYFW in Lingerie Made for People Battling the Disease

The annual AnaOno Lingerie x #Cancerland show featured women dealing with breast cancer in some form — from previvors to stage I to stage IV metastatic

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The Second Annual Show


Models wore items from AnaOno’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.

“It’s such an amazing thing to have these individuals walking the runway at NYFW, and not in just any lingerie, but made specifically for their unique bodies," Beth Fairchild, board co-chair of the non-profit #Cancerland said in a press release. "What an empowering thing to walk that runway and own what you have!"

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Breast Cancer in All Forms


"We want to show that whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a genetic marker, have breasts or have none, have visible scarring or even tattoos in place of nipples, it doesn't matter. You are still empowered, strong and sexy!” said Dana Donofree, an AnaOno designer and breast cancer survivor.

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Walking the Runway


“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show that these inspiring individuals walking our runway are no different than any other person walking New York Fashion Week, or sitting in the audience or even riding the subway or walking into your neighborhood coffee shop," said Donofree.

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Bras for All Stages


AnaOno debuted their new Flat & Fabulous bra during the show, which is specifically for women who decide against breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

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Beth Fairchild and Mia Sorvino


Actress Mia Sorvino (right) hosted the event for the second time. Sorvino's best friend Champagne Joy, who founded #Cancerland, sadly passed away from metastatic breast cancer in the Spring of 2017.

Fairchild, with Sorvino, above, said, "This year is especially difficult because we are forced to carry on without our beloved Champagne Joy. She led the charge for our movement to remove the pink shroud obscuring the realities of living with and dying from breast cancer. We’re going to show the world that as patients, we stand together. WE are the dangerous ones and we will no longer die silently.”

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Celebrating "Thrivers"


One hundred percent of the ticket sales for the event is going to #Cancerland, a non-profit focused on "changing the conversation about breast cancer" with real people living with the disease. They also give half of their fundraising to breast cancer research

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Paige More

Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion

More, 25, walked in last year's show just after getting a preventive double mastectomy, and told PEOPLE at the time that it had a huge impact on her mental health.

“I realized that all different shapes and sizes look sexy,” she said. “The idea in our brains is that breasts make you feel like a woman and breasts make you feel beautiful, and that’s just not the case. It doesn’t matter if you have big boobs or little boobs, real boobs or fake boobs."

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I Am Whole


"Cancer takes and takes from us, but the important thing is that we’re all here and we’re all alive and we own our new normal," said Fairchild.

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