Nicole Arbour's body-shaming YouTube video causes a big fat mess and TLC star Whitney Thore responds
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

The war over fat-shaming has reached a fever pitch.

Comedian and YouTube star Nicole Arbour has posted video rant in which she says that “fat-shaming is not a thing,” claims obese people should be shamed into losing weight and compares people who are overweight to slow-moving zombies and Frankenstein’s monster.

The video became a sensation, racking up more than 18 million views and 177,000 likes on Facebook alone. Arbour also came in for a massive social media backlash.

The most popular rebuttal came from Whitney Way Thore, star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Her response has more than 10.2 million views and nearly 180,000 likes on Facebook.

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Arbour’s video was an open letter of sorts called “Dear Fat People.” Early on, she does an impression of Frankenstein’s monster. “What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do? You gonna chase me. Really?” she says. “I can get away from you by walking at a reasonable pace.”

Thore, who heads up the No Body Shame campaign, responded with a video of her own, which included a point-by-point take-down of many of Arbour’s claims (see it below).

Arbour: “Fat-shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s a race card with no race. ‘Yeah but I couldn’t fit to a store, that’s discrimination.’ Um, no, that means you’re too fat, you should stop eating.”

Thore: “Fat-shaming is a thing; it’s a really big thing, no pun intended. It is the really nasty spawn of a larger parent problem called body-shaming, which I’m fairly certain everyone on the planet, especially women, has experienced.”

Arbour: “People watching this with a specific health condition, this is not aimed at you.”

Thore: “Oh, so you’re not talking about me – good, because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, while PCOS is not the only reason I turned from 130-lb. 18-year-old to an over 300-lb. woman. Right now, it is a really big contributing factor. So I’m so glad you’re not talking about me, except you are talking about me because you can’t see a person’s health from looking at them. The next time you see a fat person, you don’t know whether that person has a medical condition that caused them to gain weight. You don’t know if their mother just died. You don’t know if they’re depressed or suicidal or if they just lost 100 pounds. You don’t know. Let me hammer this one home. You cannot tell a person’s health, physical or otherwise from looking at them.”

Arbour: “Are you going to tell a doctor that they’re being mean and fat-shaming you when they say you have f—ing heart disease?”

Thore: “Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, these are illnesses that affect millions of people worldwide from skinny to fat and everything in between.”

Shortly after Thore posted her response, many tens of thousands rallied around her to show their support though some continued criticizing her and even encouraged her to “kill herself.”

Arbour claims her YouTube account was suspended over the video, though it appears to be live again as of Monday afternoon. She’s since posted the clip on her Facebook page instead where it’s amassed more than 18 million views. She took to Twitter to share the news.

It appears Arbour is anything but sorry. Instead referring to herself as a hero on Twitter, cheeseburger in hand.

Arbour also Tweeted that one person hugged her in appreciation for the video. She also claims she’s received countless thank-you messages.

YouTube star Meghan Tonjes, who often posts body-positive videos also made a YouTube video in response to Arbour’s comments.

Said Tonjes: “For every person that’s gonna leave a comment on that video saying, ‘I watched this and it changed my life and it made me go to the gym and take my life in my own hands and my health,’ I promise you there’s 5 more people that are, like, sinking a little bit more into themselves and feel worthless watching something like that.”