Nick Jonas Gets Ripped Arms and Abs with 6-Day-a-Week Workouts

Nick Jonas mixes lifting, boxing and active recovery to get his ripped arms and abs

Source: Nick Jonas/Instagram
Photo: Source: Nick Jonas/Instagram

Before you get “Jealous” of Nick Jonas’ insanely ripped body, know that it definitely doesn’t come easily.

The singer, 24, works out six days a week at L.A.’s Unbreakable Performance Center (where his brother Joe and pal Demi Lovato also go to get in shape).

Jonas’ six-day-a-week regimen involves working out intensely Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, doing active recovery with stretching and massage on Wednesday and Saturday, and taking an off day on Sunday.

On the intense workout days, Jonas starts out with hip openers followed by dynamic warm-up drills. Next, he does a performance workout, which for Jonas is focused on bulking up his various muscle groups.

“His workout is bodybuilder-based, so we’ll take one or two body parts and crush those per day instead of doing total body,” Unbreakable’s founder Jay Glazer tells PEOPLE. “He works out his arms, his shoulders, his chest, his abs and his legs.”

On arm days, Jonas’ trainers push him to his max.

“He puts his arms through a lot,” says Glazer. “We’ll burn his arms out to where he can barely move them, but we recover him fast so he can get back.”

When it comes to abs, Glazer and the Unbreakable team rotate between 80 different core exercises to make sure all of the muscles get evenly toned.

“We use bands, med balls, physioballs, machines,” says Glazer. “We pinpoint every area of your abs, and do a minute, 15 seconds of four to eight different exercises.”

Want a Jonas-like six-pack? Glazer says some of the most effective ab exercises are bicycle kicks, flutter kicks and doing sit-ups followed by punches with your legs wrapped around a punching bag.

Courtesy Nick Jonas

“We barely do crunches,” he says. “When people do just crunches, not only can it cause lower back issues, but it also doesn’t activate everything.”

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Jonas’ bulking/lifting workout is followed by a boxing and/or MMA workout.

“For people who want to bulk, the performance program is slower with heavier weights, and then we’ll box them like crazy to shred them up,” says Glazer.

The session ends with recovery using the various state-of-the-art equipment available at Unbreakable, including I.V. drips and cryotherapy chambers.

In addition to his intense gym schedule, Jonas sticks to a high-protein diet and makes sure he keeps up with his training when he is on the road.

“He commits,” says Glazer.

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