Nick Jonas Talks Managing Type 1 Diabetes: I 'Have Gone on Quite the Journey'

Nick Jonas is looking forward to getting back on the road with the Jonas Brothers — and tells PEOPLE that he isn't stressed about it

Nick Jonas might be looking forward to getting back on the road with the newly reunited Jonas Brothers later this year — but until then, he’s promoting a different (and equally important) kind of tour.

The singer has partnered with global health service company Cigna on their Health Improvement Tour, which features a cross-country, traveling mobile clinic that delivers free health screenings to local communities and helps people understand their four key health numbers: blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index.

“I’m a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at 13 and have gone on quite the journey in my life in regards to just understanding what that connection is [between your physical and emotional health],” Jonas tells PEOPLE. “Partnering with Cigna on this made the idea even simpler to me. Having lived with this disease for so long and taking those steps to prioritize a healthy life, I’m trying to encourage my fans to do the same.”

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Additionally, the company has released a public service message starring Jonas which addresses the impact that feelings like stress and loneliness can have on overall health and well-being.

Managing diabetes has been an every day learning experience for Jonas, who says he’s still figuring out what the disease looks like as a 26-year-old compared to when he was 13.

“Given that I travel so much, there’s a lot of aspects that play into it,” he says. “It’s just staying on top of it and doing my best to do the best I can.”

Jonas says he spent much of his young adult life “working really hard” and “pushing myself further than I probably should’ve,” but that nothing is more important than prioritizing your health.

“You must go see your doctor and get your check-ups and make sure you’re in the healthiest space you can be in because it’s going to make every aspect of your life better,” he says. “That’s a message I can get behind. The great thing about this incredible campaign was the reaction we saw from the commercial airing and people saying, ‘Thank you for sharing this idea, it’s really simple and really effective.'”

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Simple ways Jonas recommends people take control of their emotional well-being is by practicing self-care through meditation and spending time with family and friends.

“Isolation and loneliness is a big factor for a lot of people and something you may not believe is connected, but it certainly is,” he says. “I would encourage all of my fans to think about companionship — the puppy is a great example of a way to make you smile and lift your spirits. I’m really fortunate [that] I get to connect to people whether it’s at a show or through social media, and I hope to do the same with this.”

Though the band being back together will likely bring on a few changes, particularly to Jonas’ already busy schedule, he couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter.

“As far as stresses go, I think that right now it’s kind of like the honeymoon period,” he says. “We’re so excited and we’re going to try to not let it get to us, some of those stresses and other things because we really get a second go at it here and it’s already feeling just as good, if not better, than the first time around. We’re just trying to stay in that positivity and enjoying every moment of it.”

Jonas — along with brothers Joe, 29, and Kevin, 31 — released “Sucker,” the band’s first new track in nearly six years, on March 1 along with a music video starring their significant others: Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. As to what Jonas is looking forward to next, he says it’s “getting in front of the fans and playing some live shows.”

“We made a lot of music that we’re really proud of and that we can’t wait to play for them,” he says. “So hopefully later on this year there’s a tour.”

He adds: “I’m actually getting giddy thinking about it.”

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